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On this sign reason and condition of an event. Prich - that, betrays the power potentiality, i.e. in-in, energy, an inform, and a condition - a scoop of circumstances of a causal event. (not uchastvo in transfer...)

But and are equally used for at the same time leaked events, the phenomena to each other in we lie, and, la a cat a consequence arises in a reason subsoil. They are sometimes divided vy by an interval and connected among themselves through a chain pry links. To have a consequence of the International Federation of Journalists the reasons, one of a cat not round, others - casual.

One of nature of causality is its communication with time. Time - a form matters, in a cat most naturally causal communications. Still prich-sl the communication taken in aspect we lie it is understood on a miscellaneous. Schit one that the reason always predshestvo. to a consequence. Some time and coexist, and then dies away and turns into new size. claim that intevala are partially imposed, the third that Pris and strictly odnovremena. The fourth ovorit that to speak about, the cat of beings that is acts if it did not enter the sphere of life yet. Unless m. nedeystvuyushchaa reason?

Vzaimod the parties inside Dana of system (napry in this species of animals or an organism characterizes an internal contradiction, a state a sist as integrity. Everyone a sist within more difficult systems. Then it is obvious that external the protivor is, belonging to different systems. (between an organism and Wednesday, the nature and society). It is clear, that concepts external and contradictions are relative.

the protivor belongs a role in development of system. Vneshn a protivor can be an incitement but before become the true force of development it has to pass in structure of object. (adaptation of an organism to to Wednesday ( ), has to new, the cat enters in with initial kach) T.o. external always works through the internal

Among the main vudelyatsya (glavna and nonbasic contradictions. The basic is intrinsic a protivor: with deep, lezhashchiy in the basis of this a sist forms contrasts, its structure. (society - between production and consumption. It is necessary to make to live, but generates it is new requirements)

So, everything pr-sl processes in the world are caused not an odnostor by action, and at least on between 2 subjects, and in this sense causality has to not simply as a type of communication, and and as interaction type.

Concept of cause and effect arise on a joint of the principles of general communication and development. From the point of view of the principle communications causality as one of types of a ligature, and genetic linkage of yavleiya, in a cat one at conditions generates another. From a point the principle of development causality is defined so: any change and the more so development, i.e. change aside new quality, has the and a consequence. Causal are present at change percents.

Protivop are characterized as interdependent and mutually actions of the party a contradiction dialect. They resist each other within uniform relationship: presence of one assumes life another. The contrast is not simple other, and "other" - Hegel.

However real process unless tauchny knowledge is connected with stages arose contradictions. "For the real theorist of nothing m. it is more interesting, than such fact, a cat enters a protivor with the standard theory: after all here actually its work also begins." - M. Planck.

Absolutely identical things do not happen: they are various as in themselves and among themselves. Distinction is the relation of not identity, an eodinakovost of object both in to itself and with other. Distinction imeet the degrees: it Mb and essential. A limit case distinctions - contrast. As successful model the magnet with its 2 poles can serve. (it can be divided as much as necessary)