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Development of the purpose or the target program - the most responsible type of activity. It is necessary to develop not only behavior in the market, advertizing, service providing, but also taking into account the marketing purpose to organize, and sometimes and to reconstruct a, to subordinate him to the market, inquiries of the consumer. When developing the target program count its material, monetary and staffing.

Important element in the organization of a complex of marketing are goods methods, that is various activity thanks to which the goods become to the consumer. They turn on channels of distribution, that is introduction of intermediaries, collectives for sale of goods.

Life cycle of goods has 4-5 stages: the 1st stage - the period of removal of goods on a, demand increases slowly; the 2nd stage - rapid growth of sales volume; the 3rd stage (the maturity period a product - sales level still increases, but below, than at the 2nd stage; the 4th and 5th stages (the aging period a product - demand at first slowly, and then quickly falls. to note that though these stages are more inherent in industrial products, they can be and on sale of foodstuff, but to a lesser extent. In a practical it is expedient to extend the 2nd and 3rd stages, applying the supporting marketing: at these stages all expenses have to be compensated and the predicted profit is got.

After the analysis of market and marketing opportunities the and planning of marketing activity are carried out. It is important to expect, changes in the market, possibility of formation of new segments, a of a new product. However forecasting has to be constructed not on experience and intuition, and on scientific data taking into account many factors.

Analyzing the market, define: its sizes, main tendencies and seasonal ; potential opportunities of sale entered on the market or available on it is mute ; the existing segmentation of the market; tendency of change of consumer properties and other characteristics of goods; structure of consumers; purchasing motives and installations, it is necessary to use when planning the range, the organization of sale and a ; volumes of sale of production, their share in the general market capacity, including on segments and regions; level and quality of advertizing; methods of the competition and commerce; a of the enterprise and its position in the market.