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At a fast vypaivaniye to a calf of milk from a bucket or a podoynik the part it can get to prestomachs (hem); here it long is not processed because the hem during this period does not function yet. Milk in that case serves as the favorable environment for, developments of microflora and is exposed to rotting that conducts to frustration at a calf of digestion and to a diarrhea.

At cultivation the telok is more senior than 6 months diets for them on each age group at least once a month. of forages is counted, proceeding from estimated weight on the middle of month and its average daily gain.

Thanks to such originality of a structure and function of the device cattle can digest the big mass of a cheap rough forage and turn it into high-valuable of food — meat and milk. It in a bigger measure belongs to cattle which owing to constitutional features and an intensive metabolism very vigorously produces milk. In turn, the quickly is inherent in meat cattle and first of all young growth to be fattened and increase a large amount of fabric (meat).

With 10 — 12-day age calfs are given usually 10 — 15 g of substances in the form of the mix consisting of equal parts of a cooking, bone flour and chalk, increasing gradually by the end of the dairy period their quantity to 30 g per day.