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The policy of investments in agro-industrial sector needs to direct on the maximum increase kapitalo-and resursootdach in all areas, elimination of commodity deficiency of agrarian production in the consumer market. So, it is expedient to investment to distribute by criterion of the maximum gain of production.

Providing to a producer of timely payments for the realized production. In the conditions of inflation the revenue depreciates, and production loses meaning as the received means are not enough for economy even for simple reproduction.

Defining rates of return, it is necessary to take structure of the capital into account. First of all, it concerns introduction of cost of the earth, as main means of production, to the agrarian capital. In structure of fixed capital in the agrarian sphere industrial the developed countries the specific weight of cost of the earth fluctuates in borders of 35-65%, and in Japan it makes nearly 80%.

impossibility of a rupture of the agreement throughout the main term of rent necessary for replacement of expenses of the lessor. However such premature termination of the agreement can be caused in the agreement on leasing;

Millet, buckwheat, oats – valuable krupyany cultures. Millet thanks to its drought resistance is grown up mainly in steppe areas though receive the greatest crops in forest-steppe (Hmelnitsky, Vinnytsia, Cherkassk). Productivity of millet is rather high – 15-21 c/hectare.

The agriculture is less attractive sphere of insertion of the capital, than the food industry. Came investments into agrarian production constrain as the reason of all-economic character, and it ііі, comparable limitation of the product range, low transportability of its separate types. It leads to losses of production and capital, increases payback periods of investments. Nearly a half of investments into agriculture are mastered by commercial structures. Real producers of agricultural production practically cannot use them. Therefore foreign investments have to have purpose and to be directed on specific projects which have considerable economic effect.

Difficulty, connected with increase in production control which leads to increase in non-productive costs of purchase of agricultural production, its preservation and export on favorable terms is a typical lack of price regulation in the conditions of saturation of the market.

In modern conditions means of industrial, agroservice and other enterprises is an important source of investments into agriculture. Therefore in the short term it is necessary to give preference to such forms of attraction of investments:

Of course, leasing cannot provide completely with means the agriculture, however can guarantee very powerful particle of equipment, reverse means. Besides, granting even a small amount of equipment in leasing gives an impetus for further development not only agriculture, and and the related areas.

The last decades agrosistem of the industrial developed countries are characterized by intensive development of the overworking areas, first of all the food industry. Traditional agrarian farmer functions (preservation and preprocessing of agricultural production) gradually pass into the third sphere of agrarian and industrial complex which caused increases of volume of foreign investments into this sphere. Foremost it displays development of the world markets of agricultural production, food and the capital and strengthening in this sphere of competitive fight. Foreign investments render assistance to increase of level of scientific and technical progress in the food industry. In particular, over 70% of foreign investments of the American firms of agrobusiness are the share of the food industry.