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The main branch of SHPK of Ivaninskaya Agricultural firm is the dairy cattle breeding. The livestock of cattle is presented by black and motley breed. Heifers for repair of milch herd are grown up on one of offices of economy - to Velyaminovo's Farm where transport a molodnyaa from other offices is more senior than 3 months.

In individual development of cattle scientists and experts differentiate two periods: and post-embryonic. In the last allocate the periods: a neonatality, dairy, puberty and increase of identity in development.

Distribution of forages is carried out by KTU-1 cattlefeeder For a poyeniye of animals use cup automatic drinking bowls. Milking on all offices of economy the machine. For milking duple Mayga milking machines are used.

The first and second periods of life of calfs are characterized by intensive development and morphological growth of digestive organs. At the directed feeding, good leaving and the contents during these periods at animals high productive inclinations are put.

Serve as economic indicators of an intensive use of the earth increase of specific weight of an arable land in structure of agricultural grounds, specific weight of the irrigated and drained lands at indispensable increase in production of gross output and forages on unit of the used area.

The total land area makes 7480 hectares. Communication between production sites on the asphalted roads. In economy also there is telecommunication of a local. The economy is located in a zone of a temperate climate, is characterized in the warm summer and in the moderate winter. air temperature is +3,7 °C. Such climatic conditions are favorable for development of dairy and meat cattle breeding and cultivation of all crops necessary for creation of food supply of economy.

For the accounting of the held events considered a gain of live mass of calfs, changes of and biochemical indicators of blood, percent of recovery and duration of treatment. Defined economic efficiency of the held events.

On each farm there is a dispensary for calfs where they are supported in individual wooden cages to 10-day age. Then they are transferred to the calf house located in the territory of office and contained in machines till 8-10 of the heads.

The intensification of production is an increase in outputs at the expense of additional and current assets on unit of the used land area, improvement of technical and technological conditions of production.

All cattle is distributed on four offices of economy. On the central office - Velyaminovo's farm, - one cowshed is located; on Shcheglyatyevo, Ivanino and Kosino's offices it is located on two standard cowsheds calculated on 400 heads of cattle everyone.